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Brian Visits All 50 States!

Emmaus Homes - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Before Brian came to Emmaus, he would often travel around the globe with his parents. Their travels led them to visiting 49 states, including Canada, with Hawaii being the only state he has not visited. After Brian’s mother passed away in 1999, Brian and his father continued to travel in their RV to Florida every year leaving around the first of December and returning the middle of March.

After his father passed in 2008, Brian came to Emmaus to live in a community home in Marthasville, Missouri. In 2016, he reached a new level of independence when he moved into an Independent Supported Living (ISL) home also in Marthasville.

Emmaus team members supporting Brian wanted to help him pursue his wanderlust, and felt that him going to Hawaii and visiting the 50th state would be a wonderful accomplishment. So in April of 2013, Emmaus surprised Brian with a 5-day trip to Hawaii with an Emmaus team member.

They stayed right on Waikiki Beach and really enjoyed partaking in luaus as well as spending time on the beach and in the ocean. The most enjoyable part of the trip for Brian was visiting Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Brian is an Eagle Scout and loves to show his patriotism by raising the American flag. He initiated an idea in the Emmaus community to hold a service on Memorial Day. During this service, he would carry the flag to the cemetery while others followed.
He's also a part of the Historical Society and enjoys learning about American history, especially reading maps and about Presidents and Presidential Administrations.
Brian also enjoys watching AND playing all sports! He enjoys going to Cardinal baseball games whenever he can, he has been to Mizzou football games, Blues hockey games and Billiken basketball games. He competes in Special Olympics golf, basketball, and track & field events.
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