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Marthasville Newspaper Project of 1970

Emmaus Homes - Friday, March 08, 2019

From a December 1970 Emmaus Messenger

Reading the news is almost a standard American occupation. Nearly every community has a newspaper which keeps its citizens up-to-date on what's happening around them.

In November, the first edition of a newspaper by and for Emmaus clients in Marthasville appeared. All residents were urged to contribute articles in several categories, jokes, riddles, etc. and many of them did so. A staff of 12 clients and Miss Erisman, Program Director, arranged and printed the final product, and distributed it to eager readers. We want to share a few of the articles with you:

"I like to be outside and work in my flower bed and help keep our yard clean and see all of the different flowers... and I enjoy the work in the workshop that I can make my own money and not have to depend on the Home for everything." -E.B.

"This is a wonderful world and it ain't the world, it's the people that live in it and that's why we have trouble in the world, and that is how I look at it!" -W.R.

"It is nice to be invited to churches and get acquainted with other people. I enjoy the fellowship in singing and devotion, also slides and refreshments. I think it's nice we act nice enough for them to invite us again." -A.R.

"The Board of Directors came to our Emmaus Home on Wednesday, October 14. They were up to the chapel so I had to make fire up to 70 degrees with no smoke. I had to go up at about 8:30 a.m." -W.L.

"At the new building they have the walls and the bricks all up. All the windows are in. I helped the guys with the insulation. I've been helping the electrician with the wiring. He has a little bit left to do. They painted the floor and have the other coating on the floor. Then they take the buffer and move it up and they put thick coats of wax on it. They have the first floor all done, then they go upstairs and do the second floor. I hope the people will like our newspaper." -F.P.

"I like to bowl because it keeps your muscles and body in good condition and it's lots of fun and relaxation and good exercise. It is a good sport and keeps your whole system in trim shape. It isn't whether you win or lose, but it is how you play the game!" -J.K.

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