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Emmaus Homes - Wednesday, March 20, 2019

From a September 1975 Emmaus Messenger

Annie Laurie Richards loves music. It has been an important part of her whole life. Over the years, despite a visual handicap, she has taught herself to play the piano, chord organ, harmonica and accordion. Using earnings from the sheltered workshop she has purchased the latter three instruments for herself. Annie has shared her music with her friends at Emmaus, Marthasville, in many ways. There is seldom a workshop coffee break without a tune from Annie; some of her solos have been a beautiful part of worship in the Emmaus chapel.

During July, Annie received an invitation: would she be willing to entertain at a regional Senior Citizens gathering to be held at Warrenton, Missouri? She gladly accepted. Neither she nor Miss Billie who drove her there realized that there would be so many people. Nearly 100 persons waited to hear her. And they were not disappointed. Her playing was beautiful. With the stage-presence of a veteran performer, she commented between songs, and invited everyone to join with her in familiar numbers. There was so much joy!

Hollywood would probably say "A Star is Born!" But Annie looks at it in a different way. She says, "I'm just thankful if the talents that God has given me can make other persons happy." That's the reason we think Annie's music is especially special. Praise God!

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