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Stories of Success: Patsy and Kitty

Emmaus Homes - Friday, March 08, 2019

From a September 1984 Emmaus Messenger

Patsy (left) came to Emmaus in April, 1978 from Glenwood Sanitarium in St. Louis County. She has been involved in programming since her arrival, but until last year, was a reluctant participant in any programmed activity.

Patsy has been with on instructor, Carol Marlowe, for a year. Her progress has been exciting. She has come to enjoy going on bus trips to Mavarako's, Ice Capades, and fun outings such as picnics - she was with the group that went to St. Francis Park recently. Patsy bowls two full games, and got her first swimming suit this summer. Her first time in the water was the final day of swimming last season.

An instructor's greatest reward is to know that one of her pupils has gained enough confidence to participate in all types of activities. The next goal for Patsy is to persuade her to sign up for onr of the resident vacations. With progress such as Patsy's, Carols says that her job has become more exciting and each new success is a delightful reward.

Kitty (right), one of the newer Emmaus clients, is adjusting quite well to Emmaus life. After less than a year, Kitty has gained an air of self-assurance in finding her way around the Emmaus campus. Kitty is working very hard on her self-care goals but she spends most of her time moving chairs in the Dayroom (assisting the Dayroom Attendant) or sitting with her radio. Kitty, like Patsy, also enjoys swimming in the pool.

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