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Team Member Invites Emmaus Client to Wedding Party

Emmaus Homes - Monday, February 18, 2019

From a June 1996 Emmaus Messenger

It's very common and frequently encouraged for Emmaus Homes staff to develop friendships with the men and women they support. These friendships are often demonstrated by sharing in weekend activities, enjoying dinners out, and inclusion in family celebrations like baby and bridal showers, graduations and weddings.

Julie Licovalli Brower (left) and Evelyn Baker's (right) friendship fits and exceeds this description. Julie, a Direct Support team-member, met Evelyn a year ago when she began working weekends at Red House, an Emmaus Homes-St. Charles on-campus group home. "I liked Evelyn right away," recalls Julie. "We made an immediate connection."

Early in their friendship, Julie learned about Evelyn's love of weddings. "Evelyn would frequently talk about the wedding she attended of another team-member," explains Julie, "and she is very interested in those she sees on television."

When it came time for Julie to plan her own wedding, she recalled Evelyn's fondness for weddings and asked Evelyn to participate in her special day. "Evelyn accepted my invitation right away," notes Julie. "She was so excited about the flowers she would carry and having a special dress to wear.

Evelyn was joined at the altar by Julie's sister, and her fiance's half-sister. Her dress was royal blue which matched the U.S. Marine Corp dress uniform worn by the groom. Several staff who work and the other ladies who live at the Red and White House attended the wedding and shared in Julie's and Evelyn's special day.

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