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Emmaus Homes - Monday, March 25, 2019

After being a stay at home mom for 5 years, Melissa decided she was ready to put her passion of helping people to good use. For Melissa, helping individuals with developmental disabilities runs in the family. She was introduced to the community by her daughter, who had friends in school with special needs. In December of 2014, Melissa began working for Emmaus as a Direct Support Professional (DSP).

The first day she started, she walked in on some of the ladies eating lunch. Kathleen immediately got up from the table and gave Melissa a hug, establishing an immediate connection. They started attending pottery class and going to bowling leagues together.

Melissa received a promotion and started managing the team providing services for Kathleen’s home, and not too long after was promoted again. After taking on a supervisory role, Melissa began to miss the connection she shared with Kathleen.

Melissa started talking to her fiancé about expanding their already large family of 8 kids. He agreed, and Kathleen began trial periods being part of Melissa’s family by staying over the weekend and interacting with the kids. The kids loved having Kathleen over, and Kathleen expressed her happiness back. They were ecstatic when asked if Kathleen could move in with them and in September of 2017, Kathleen officially became part of the Hall family.
 Kathleen was able to finally have a pet, and now keeps up with all the joys and chores of having a dog. They started attending local fairs and found out Kathleen loves riding rides. Melissa and Kathleen’s favorite memory was their trip to Disney World last summer. Kathleen discovered she loves roller-coasters, and now goes to Six Flags frequently.
Kathleen is laid back, outgoing, and loves being included in family activities. As soon as Melissa’s son gets home from school, he pulls out a board game and asks if Kathleen will play with him. She gets to go to high-school football games and is always dancing on the sidelines. After attending Planet Fitness 3 days a week, Kathleen has seen some weight loss. Her case manager has also witnessed behavioral improvements and wants to start working on more advanced goals in her Individualized Support Plan.


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