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About Emmaus’s Volunteer Program

We are so glad that you’re interested in volunteering with Emmaus Homes. At Emmaus, we love to see our clients connect with their community – which is where we need your help! The individuals we support live in about 80 homes scattered all around the region, so there is bound to be a home near to you where you can make a difference in the life of your neighbor. We’ve identified several ways that provide the greatest impact to our clients and Emmaus as an organization

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Take a look at our volunteering options: 


Adopt-a-Home is a process where volunteers make a commitment to a particular home that meets both the home’s needs and the volunteers’ desires for how they will give their time. A family, church, civic group, school, corporation, or even an individual can Adopt-a-Home. An Adopt-a-Home connection can involve outdoor work, in-home visits with clients, going on outings with clients, inviting clients to join you in activities, or all of the above. They can also vary in frequency. Some Adopt-a-Home connections happen on a weekly or monthly basis. Others might be a few times a year. The key is that the volunteers are a consistent presence in the clients' lives.

Yard Clean-Up in the Spring and Fall:

During the peak times when the seasons change, our facilities crew simply cannot visit each home that needs sprucing up. The lawns are mowed by a lawn service, but we need help with everything else in the yard. Grab a rake, shovel and maybe some friends and head to one of our community homes. We’ll set up a time for you to spend a few hours trimming bushes, pulling weeds, raking leaves, etc. We’ll be posting a calendar of available dates as the fall approaches.

Duckfest - October 6th, 2018
370 Lakeside Park, St. Peters:

It takes 30-50 volunteers for each special event that Emmaus hosts. We are looking for people to help with greeting guests, manning a raffle and merchandise table, parking attendant, set-up, tear down, and much more. Specific lists of roles you can fill and the time commitment require will be available for each event.